What Our Clients Say




pfizer_2c_PMS   “I have worked extensively with the team at M2 Worldwide. They are well-known experts in the field of professional and consumer relationship marketing, and have continually demonstrated a high degree of quality, customer focus and determination to complete every project to the highest standards in their industry.  M2 Worldwide has always worked closely with our teams throughout the entire project process, ensuring optimized outcomes despite changes in the market environment or team personnel and objectives. They act as integral partners to the commercial teams, openly sharing and advocating use of strategic insights from project design through to implementation. Key metrics of persistency and adherence, along with metrics associated with program participation and loyalty, consistently demonstrate the positive outcomes of M2 Worldwide’s work.”

-Director, Specialty Group Pfizer

“You guys ALWAYS bend over backwards helping out and being flexible with everything so I want to ensure you know I am just teasing – which is also another trait that makes it so fun/interesting to work with you. Having a sense of humor and being able to have some fun with this stuff, while at the same time doing great work is pretty scarce and it makes it all the more valuable when you have it”

-Sr Product Manager Center Of Excellence, WYETH

Novartis-logo   “M2 Worldwide has made valuable contributions to our business. Their work is always based upon solid insights, and leads to actionable recommendations. Their expertise in international markets and Relationship Marketing is a unique mix. They are personal, expert and get great results.”

-Global Advertiser, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

2c3b6978c510f4c19d9f44768518b602521f6dff   “I have the highest regard for my M2 team and the ultimate trust and respect. I can’t tell you how much we enjoy our relationship with you and count on your trusty counsel. Thank you so much for all that you do and how well you do it.”

-Brand Director, Auxilium

Teva_logo.svg    “When I work with M2 Worldwide, I am fully confident in their abilities to achieve the desired results, but more importantly, to do so in a way that supports the long term strategy for my brand. I enjoy working with M2 Worldwide as they consistently strive to deliver exactly what I am looking for, and to reach my vision. Their goal is to advance my brand, and they really have been an extension of my team.”

-Sr. Product Manager, TEVA/Barr Laboratories

NY20158LOGO   “M2 Worldwide’s rich customer insights and unique approach to marketing made an indelible mark on our teams. They bring a great blend of solid experience and the ability to find new opportunities within traditional assignments. Their teams always provided materials that were well-received, and we have continued to use and learn from the work we did with M2WW, long after projects were completed.”

-Director Interative Consumer Marketing, Sanofi-Aventis